Laser Plasma Centre


Supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the framework of the "Centres of Basic Research" programme, project LC528.

Date of the contract: May 9, 2005

Project abstract

In the Laser Plasma Research Centre, the plasma created by interaction of laser radiation with matter as well as the active laser plasma medium in gas lasers will be studied experimentally, theoretically, and by computer modelling. The pilot facility in the Centre is the kJ-laser system PALS with a new twin interaction chamber. The plasma produced by laser radiation at the target will be exploited e.g. as a source of highly stripped ions and of coherent and non-coherent x-rays. Other media suitable for generation of coherent x-rays are the pulsed high-current discharges. The studies will be focused on discharges in evacuated and gas-filled capillaries, on discharges burning along thin wires and other pinching discharges. The founders of the Centre are two academic and one University working units: Institute of Physics ASCR, v.v.i. , Institute of Plasma Physics ASCR, v.v.i. and the Czech Technical University in Prague (Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical Engineering).

Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (IP AS CR, v.v.i.)
Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i. (IPP)
Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)
Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering (FNSPE)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE)
Project coordinator
Ing.Karel Jungwirth, DrSc., Division of High Power Systems, IP
Ing. Jiri Ullschmied, CSc., Laser Plasma Department, IPP
Prof. Ing. Jiri Limpouch, CSc., Department of Physical Electronics, FNSPE CTU
Prof. RNDr. Pavel Kubes, CSc., Department of Physics, FEE CTU
Key experimental facilities
PALS terawatt laser system
SOFIA hybrid laser
CAPEX capillary discharge
LPC Advisory Board
List of Board members
Organisational chart
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